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Reimbursement of CEFALY®

CEFALY® is an e-TNS (external trigeminal nerve stimulator) for the treatment of migraine which is reimbursed by basic health insurance under the following conditions:
-        Your CEFALY® e-TNS has been prescribed by your treating doctor
-        You have successfully completed a trial period of up to 120 days, including a headache diary.
-        The headache diary shows that your symptoms have decreased by >20% (number of migraine attacks, use of prophylactic and acute medication).
Send our invoice with your doctor's prescription, or your doctor's bill in full, to your health insurer and obtain the following reimbursement in accordance with the list of medical aids and appliances (LiMA):
Purchase of CEFALY e-TNS device with 3 standard electrodes, 120-day trial period
- Purchase of Cefaly e-TNS device CHF 379.88
- Rental of Cefaly e-TNS device for 120 days CHF 26.40 (0.22 CHF/day)
- Standard electrode for Cefaly e-TNS device per piece CHF 8.33
Total refund CHF 431.27
With this reimbursement, the price of CHF 490.00 is largely covered and you only have a deductible of CHF 58.73.

Download here the prescription form to send to your health insurer:

Prescription in Word


CEFALY® reimbursement - test phase

If you return your CEFALY® after an unsuccessful test phase, basic health insurance will reimburse CHF 0.22 per day for the rental/test phase (MiGeL item and CHF 62.85 for the return of the device (MiGeL item In addition, basic health insurance covers CHF 8.33 per electrode (MiGeL position The test phase is reimbursed as follows, depending on its duration:
CEFALY e-TNS device rental - 40-day trial period
- CEFALY e-TNS device rental for 40 days CHF 8.80 (0.22 CHF/day)
- CEFALY e-TNS device trade-in CHF 62.85
- 3 standard electrodes for CEFALY e-TNS device CHF 24.99 (8.33 CHF/piece)
Total reimbursement CHF 96.64
CEFALY e-TNS device rental - 80-day trial period
- 80-day CEFALY e-TNS device rental CHF 17.60 (0.22 CHF/day)
- Return of CEFALY e-TNS device CHF 62.85
- 3 standard electrodes for CEFALY e-TNS device CHF 24.99 (8.33 CHF/piece)*
Total reimbursement CHF 105.44
CEFALY e-TNS device rental - 120-day trial period
- 120-day CEFALY e-TNS device rental CHF 26.40 (0.22 CHF/day)
- Return of CEFALY e-TNS device CHF 62.85
- 3 standard electrodes for CEFALY e-TNS device CHF 24.99 (8.33 CHF/piece)*
Total refund CHF 114.24
This means that the trial phase, however long it lasts, is fully reimbursed, and you don't have to pay a deductible. Send our invoice together with your doctor's prescription or your doctor's full invoice to your basic health insurance company for reimbursement.
*Electrodes ordered in addition are billed separately, see CEFALY® electrode reimbursement.
CEFALY® electrodes reimbursement
You can obtain a total of 21 CEFALY® electrodes per calendar year, which will be reimbursed by your basic health insurance. Reimbursement for standard electrodes is CHF 8.33 per electrode (MiGeL item and for hypoallergenic electrodes CHF 10.- per piece (MiGeL item This means that you only have to pay CHF 5.- for postage. If you receive more than 21 reusable electrodes, you must pay the full cost yourself, starting with the 22nd reusable electrode.
Send our invoice together with your doctor's prescription, or your doctor's full invoice, to your basic health insurance company for reimbursement.

How long does a session with the CEFALY® last?

A session with the Acute program lasts one hour. It should be used during the migraine attack and can be extended with an additional one-hour session if the first session did not provide sufficient relief for the migraine or if a new migraine attack occurs. A session the Prevent program lasts 20 minutes. It should be used every day, at any time of the day, although evening sessions are preferred.

Should I use CEFALY® everyday?

It is recommended to use the Cefaly daily for 20 minutes as a preventive treatment.

What if the intensity is too strong for me?

If the intensity becomes too strong for you, press the button onece to stabilize the intensity. You can also remove the device to stop the session.

Can I adjust the intensity?

Yes, by holding down the button, you can quickly increase the intensity to the desired level. You can repeat this action several times in a row until the maximum intensity level is reached.

Electrodes: How many uses?

An electrode with a magnetic connection is used with the CEFALY®. An electrode can be used between ten and twenty times. Before applying the electrode, it is very important to clean and degrease the skin on the forehead so that the electrode adheres well to the skin.
Cleaning should be done with water and soap or using a wipe provided with the device. After use, the electrode is placed back on its transparent plastic support sheet and stored in its pouch to prevent dehydration. As long as the electrode adheres well to the forehead skin, it can be used. Once your session is finished, the electrode should be reattached to its transparent plastic support sheet and stored in its pouch. Do not leave the unpackaged electrode in a dry place. It would lose its hydration and would not function properly. A few drops of tap water on the electrode gel can rehydrate it and extend its use. A fully charged battery will last approximately 2 to 3 hours of treatment, depending on the program and intensity used.

How long does it take to charge the Cefaly®?

It takes approximately 4 hours for the CEFALY® battery to fully charge. It is important that you fully charge the CEFALY before the first session.

How long will the Cefaly® hold its charge?

A fully charged battery will last approximately 2 to 3 hours of treatment, depending on the program and intensity used.

How do I know when the Cefaly® needs to be charged?

If the device emits a long sound signal when you press the button, it means the battery is down. You need to recharge it for at least 5 minutes to be able to conduct a session.

Is it painful?

The sensation produced by the CEFALY® is strange and unusual, but most people quickly get used to it after a few sessions. However, some individuals are more sensitive and may perceive the sensations produced by the CEFALY® as painful. If you find yourself in this situation, you can simply press the button during the session when the sensation becomes a bit uncomfortable to limit the intensity.

Only 1.25% of patients do not tolerate the sensation produced by the CEFALY® and therefore cannot complete the treatment.


There are no absolute contraindications. However, it is recommended to avoid using the device in the following cases:
  • You have implanted metallic or electronic devices in the head
  • You are suffering from pain of unknown origin
  • You have a cardiac pacemaker or implanted or wearable defibrillator
  • You have recent brain or facial trauma (less than 3 months)
  • Have a skin abrasion on the forehead in the area of application of the electrode
  • You have an allergy to acrylate
  • You have cutaneous hypersensitivity: +/- 5% of people present a hypersensitivity of the forehead skin and do not tolerate the sensation induced by the CEFALY Enhanced
  • You have trigemnial neralgia
  • Have ophthalmic shingles

Can pregnant women use it?

Pregnant women can safely use the Cefaly. In fact, it is recommended in such cases as it can replace medications that cannot be used.

Can children use it?

The CEFALY® is intended for use by individuals aged 18 and above (with an appropriate level of education to understand the manual). It can be used by a child aged 8 and above, but under the supervision of an adult during the initial sessions.

Does CEFALY® come with a guarantee?

The warranty is valid for 3 years from the date of purchase of the device. Keep the invoice or receipt as proof of purchase with the date being authoritative. This 3-year warranty does not cover accessories such as electrodes, the charging system, and the preparation product. This warranty does not cover damages caused by shocks, falls, and other impacts that might damage the device. Therefore, devices with cracked, broken, deformed, or visibly marked cases are excluded from the warranty. During the warranty period, depending on the severity of the defect, the device will either be repaired free of charge by an authorized service or replaced.

How can I try CEFALY®?

CEFALY® can be tested for a maximum of 120 days without obligation. The renting fees are fully reimbursed by the health insurance company.
This is how you proceed:
- You buy CEFALY® at the normal retail price of CHF 490 (incl. VAT, a pack of 3 electrodes and shipping).
- You test the CEFALY® for: 
  • 40 days for CHF 96.- (pack of 3 electrodes included in the package)
  • 80 days for CHF 105.- (we recommend ordering an additional electrode pack)
  • 120 days for CHF 114.- (we recommend ordering two additional electrode packs)

- You keep the CEFALY® and pay the full retail price of CHF 490.-
- You return the CEFALY® to us and we will send you a new invoice for the test phase or refund you CHF 394.- after 40 days, CHF 385.- after 80 days or CHF 376.- after 120 days (sales price minus rental costs).

Can I use Cefaly® at the same time as other TENS devices?

Please contact us directly and provide information about the additional TENS device to verify the contraindication.

What can I do if I have sensitive skin?

It is possible that the skin might react slightly to the use of the electrodes. Occasionally, a slight redness may persist on the skin after removing the electrode. However, this redness disappears after a short time. In such cases, it is recommended to use the Blue Gel electrode.

Who is CEFALY® for?

Cefaly is intended for patients who require both acute migraine treatment and migraine prophylaxis, as they experience three or more migraine attacks per month.

Can I take CEFALY® on a plane?

Yes, it is possible to take it with you while traveling. To know the specific conditions, it's recommended to contact your airline.

Management of my order

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

The average delivery time is one to two working days.

I'm not at home: how can I get my order?

Cefaly devices are delivered by mail. If no one is at your home when the delivery person arrives, a notice will be left in your mailbox. This notice allows you to contact the delivery person to schedule a new delivery time that suits you. When placing your order, you can also choose a delivery address where someone will be available to receive it (workplace, relatives' address, etc.). Orders for electrodes and other accessories are shipped by mail and therefore do not require someone to be present to receive the package.

My trial period is coming to an end: what can i do?

After the trial period you have the choice:
  • You keep the CEFALY® and pay the full retail price of CHF 490.
  • You return the CEFALY® to us and we will refund you CHF 394 after 40 days, CHF 385 after 80 days or CHF 376 (sales price minus rental costs)

How do I pay for my order?

Payment methods:
  • Credit Card: Visa, Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • Invoice (45 days)

Who bears the costs for the return shipment after the test phase or in the event of a warranty claim?

In all cases, the customer is responsible for packing the goods to be returned in such a way that they are suitable for transportation and for bearing the costs of this and transportation. The device must be returned complete (incl. charging cable, packaging and accessories), excluding used material.

CEFALY® Enhanced vs CEFALY® Dual


The development of CEFALY® Enhanced is based on patient feedback.
While the stimulation and the two programs 'Acute' and 'Preventive' remain available, the previously criticised user-friendliness of CEFALY® has been significantly improved.

Advantages of CEFALY® Enhanced:
  • Increased user-friendliness: A larger display, a more comprehensive device button, and an LED display that clarifies the program selection make the entire device easier to handle.
  • Improved posture: CEFALY® ENHANCED is equipped with three magnets instead of two, which enhance the electrode's position on the head.
  • More powerful battery: CEFALY® ENHANCED features an improved battery that provides a longer usage duration for practical applications.

Can I exchange my CEFALY® Dual for a CEFALY® Enhanced?

    All CEFALY® Dual devices ordered after July 1, 2023 (excluding used devices) can ben exchanged for a new CEFALY® ENHANCED for an additional fee of CHF 69.- (excluding shipping costs of CHF 9.–) until December 31, 2023. A used device from this period can be exchanged for an additional fee of CHF 153.–. Please contact us in writing or by phone so that we can organize the exchange.

Do the CEFALY® Enhanced electrodes work with the CEFALY® Dual?

Yes, the CEFALY® Enhanced accessories are compatible with the CEFALY® Dual and CEFALY® II.