How to use CEFALY®?

Fully charge CEFALY®

Use these quick instructions as a guide for your first treatment session. Before your first session, fully charge the CEFALY® until indicator light turns green.

Wash forehead

Thoroughly clean the skin on the forehead with mild soap and water. This step is essential to degrease the skin and ensure the electrode is fixed securely to your forehead.

Position electrode

Position the electrode in the middle of the forehead, placing the lower edge of the electrode horizontally between the eyebrows.

Attach CEFALY®

Position CEFALY® on the electrode. The device is attracted by the electrode's three contact zones and automatically moves into the correct position.

Start treatment

Acute Program
Prevent Program
Use at thefirst signs of a migraine attack.
Daily use to prevent future migraine attacks.
How to
start the program

Tap 1x

Tap 2x
What happens?
Treatment time
60 minutes
2x if necessary
20 minutes

What do you feel?

At the beginning of a session, you may feel nothing or a slight tingling sensation as if your hair was standing up. The feeling or tingling gradually increases towards the forehead and front of your head. After about 14 minutes, the intensity settles and remains constant until the end of the treatment.

Stabilize intensity

During the first few sessions, some people may experience an unpleasant feeling of stimulation. To get used to this, we recommend you increase the intensity in small increments of time, over the course of a few weeks. The intensity of stimulation increases gradually during the first 14 minutes of the session. If you feel the intensity is too strong for you, simply press the device button once during a session to stabilize the pulses at a tolerable level for the remainder of the session.