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Occasion-Cefaly DUAL Kit - TENS Device
Currently, new Cefaly devices are not available for an indefinite period of time due to a lack of resources. Therefore, we offer you refurbished second-hand devices to a discounted price which allows you to start with your treatment....
CHF337.00 *
OneStep EEG-Gel
Because OneStep EEG-Gel ® contains neither fat nor alcohol or colourings it is easy to remove by rinsing and friendly to skin. Additional it has a neutral odour for greater acceptance by users and patients. In contrast to...
CHF17.00 *
Kit Electrodes incl. gel for Cefaly DUAL and...
3 multi-use Electrodes with integrated gel pad
CHF25.00 *
Kit Cefaly electrode blue gel
3 hypoallergenic electrodes
CHF35.00 *