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Few side effects

Reimbursed by health insurance

Would you like to try CEFALY®?

CEFALY® can be tested for a maximum of 120 days without obligation. 

This is how to proceed:



You purchase CEFALY® at the normal retail price of CHF 490.- (incl. VAT, 3-piece electrode pack and shipping costs)



You test CEFALY® for :

  • 40 days for CHF 96.- (incl. a package of 3 electrodes)
  • 80 days for CHF 105.-*
  • 120 days for CHF 114.-*

  • *we recommend ordering two additional packs of electrodes



    You keep CEFALY® and pay the full retail price of CHF 490.-
    You send us back CEFALY® and we will send you a new invoice for the test phase or refund you CHF 394 after 40 days, CHF 385 after 80 days or CHF 376.- after 120 days.

    *purchase price minus rental fees

    To all Arnold Kit customers:

     Please contact us by e-mail at or by telephone 031 529 28 32 to reorder conductive gel for your treatment.
    Thank you.